Antique Size Mattress Set

Antique Size Mattress Set
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Antique Size Mattress Set

Thought to be obsolete and on the way out, antique size mattress sets are alive and well. Conveniently size between more common sizes like twin and full, an antique size bed gives solo sleepers more room. Shorter in length than a three quarter size mattress, an antique mattress set measures 48 inches wide by 72 inches long. In contrast, a standard twin size bed measures 38 inches wide by 75 inches long and a full size measures 54 inches wide by 75 inches long.

Historically speaking, mattress sizes have not always followed a standard. Before the early Twentieth Century mattress manufacturing was not held to regulatory standards and mattress buyers had little if any information. Materials and sizes were left to the manufacturers with little regard for concepts like standardization. Considered a specialty size, antique size beds have largely considered part of a niche market like crib sizes and hospital beds.

An indication of the continued popularity of antique size mattresses and beds is the rise in sales for bedding. Sheet sets, mattress pads and other bedding items for antique size mattresses are definitely on the rise. This can said for a variety of specialty bedding. An historical accounting for just how the antique size mattress set came about has not emerged. In a classic example of which came first, the chicken or the egg, no one seems to know whether the antique size or the three quarter size came first.

Mattress design and manufacturing has changed radically since people used straw and leaves for a bed. The 20th Century ushered in an era of mass production that pushed mattress sales higher every year. Mass production brought with it standardization in the types of materials used and, just as importantly, the size of the mattress. The introduction of the innerspring probably much to do with how mattresses were sized.

Most mattress retailers do not stock mattress sizes like antique and three quarter. This leaves folks who own an antique or a three quarter size bed frame in somewhat of a lurch. The good news is that a few mattress sellers not only offer these sizes but very often will have them in stock. These same bedding retailers will often offer a selection antique size frames and even quality bed linens designed especially for antique size beds.

Whether you own an antique size bed frame or just like the idea of having the extra sleeping room, buying an antique size mattress set can be as easy as logging on to the internet. Shopping for a quality antique size mattress set is the same as buying any other mattress size. There are a few hard and fast rules to follow to make sure that you are receiving a good value for your money.

Despite the introduction of waterbeds, memory foam and other sleep systems, the innerspring mattress remains the most popular choice for mattress shoppers. Reasonably priced and reliable, most innerspring mattresses are built in a similar way. The heart of any innerspring mattress is the coil spring array. Over the springs is placed various combinations of padding, whether cloth or foamed based.

Since the middle part of the 20th Century, foam began to replace much of the cotton batting used as mattress padding. Latex foam in particular has become a very component in innerspring mattress design. Available in various densities, latex foam, used in combination with a quality innerspring assembly makes for a very comfortable mattress.

When it comes to a mattress warranty, remember that the length of the warranty should in no way be used as a guide for how long a mattress will last. No matter how expensive, no mattress will last forever. As a general rule, we should purchase a new mattress every five to seven years.

There are some common sense things you can do to extend the life of your antique size mattress. When purchasing a new mattress, always buy a quality mattress cover. A mattress cover fully encases that mattress and helps to protect it from dust, dist and stains. Make sure the mattress cover is washable. If you own a double or two sided mattress, it is a good idea to flip the mattress several times per year. Even a single sided mattress can be rotated 180 degrees. Rotating and flipping helps to distribute the wear over time.